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I'm taken this article from the Star online, dated 4 & 7 March 2011. I want to share this true story with all of u...

Now, cat abuse video goes viral on Net- DATED 4 MARCH 2011

EVEN before the culprit in the infamous poodle-abusing clip can be found, another video of a woman abusing three kittens in Serdang has been uploaded on Facebook, China Press reported. The five-minute video shows the woman punching and kicking the kittens to death, it reported.
The abuser hit the kittens with an umbrella before stepping on them.
Another cat, which was believed to be the mother of the kittens, was seen trying to rescue the kittens but was chased away by the abuser.
The video has attracted over 900 people to leave angry messages. Some wanted the culprit caught and brought to book.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Selangor said it had received a report over the video and was investigating.

Kitten killer claims to be depressed over parents’ divorce- DATED 7 MARCH 2011

SERDANG: A woman who gained notoriety after a video showing her abusing kittens was uploaded on Facebook has apologised. She claimed that she was suffering from depression after her parents divorced.
“I could not control my emotions at that moment, but now realise I had made a terrible mistake after watching the video myself,” said Chow Xiao Wei, whose cruel act was captured on a CCTV in a backlane near here.
Full of regret: Chow apologising atthe press conference held at Ean Yong’s office in Serdang.
The 20-year-old said she regretted her actions and was prepared to face the consequences.
She was also willing to do community service with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).
The five-minute video was posted on Facebook about a week ago.
In the CCTV footage, a person wearing a cap is seen hitting kittens with an umbrella, then stomping and kicking them to death.
After the video went viral, Chow’s acquaintances, who recognised her from the video, posted her name and phone number online.
Chow soon began receiving threatening SMS messages and warnings on her Facebook account.
Out of fear, she quit her job as a sales assistant and lodged a police report.
Chow claimed that she was suffering from depression at that time as her parents had divorced.
“Please give my daughter a second chance,” pleaded her mother Cheong Poh Ling, who accompanied her to the press conference at Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah’s office.
Cheong said she had taken her daughter to a psychologist after hearing about the video, though she had not watched the video herself.
“I had to close my stall at the market because reporters kept coming around,” she said.
A group of animal lovers, including members of Petpositive and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) gathered outside Ean Yong’s office, demanding to meet Chow.
A few representatives from animal welfare groups were later allowed to meet Chow – with Ean Yong present.
MDDB is planning to file charges against Chow for animal cruelty, under Section 44 of the Animals Act 1953.
If found guilty of abusing the kittens, Chow faces either a fine of RM200, six months in prison or both.

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